Rumex crispus, yellow dock

Yellow Dock (Rumex crispus)

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Ingredients: Wildcrafted root, 1:3.8 dry, in a base of spring water, organic alcohol and vegetable glycerine.

Usage: Take 10-50 drops, 1-4 times a day. (Note: Dropper included with 2 ounce size only.)

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Principles

Chinese name: Chin Ch'iao Mai

Principles: Clears heat, drains damp, cools Xue, soothes LV

Flavor/Energetics: bitter, cold

Meridians: N/A

The approximately 200 species of the genus Rumex (sorrel, Polygonaceae) that are distributed worldwide in European, Asian, African and American countries. Some species have been used traditionally as vegetables and for their medicinal properties. (1) Yellow dock is used as a minor supply of iron and it assists the body with the absorption of iron.  Yellow Dock Root is an alterative herb, or blood purifier, that can be used to stimulate bile and digestion and aids a variety of skin and liver conditions. According to Michael Moore, the esteemed herbalist from the Southwest, it supports the normal liberation of iron stored in the liver, making it useful for supporting iron deficiencies and the plant is helpful in supporting normal healthy liver and gall bladder function. The juice from the leaves can be used to pull rust and mildew stains off linen, silver, and wicker. (2)



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