Commitment to Quality


Since 1989, Wise Woman Herbals® has been considered a leader in providing quality botanical supplements. All our products are manufactured on-site at our FDA inspected, Certified Organic, Certified Kosher facility located in Creswell, Oregon. Using a time-honored traditional maceration process, we make frequent small batches to attain high concentrations, achieve superior quality, and to assure product efficacy and shelf-life. We know precisely what goes into our products, and just as importantly, what does not: all of our products are GMO-free, peanut-free, lactose-free, and wheat-free.


Quality assurance and quality control are essential components to consistently achieving WWH’s established high standards. Our regulatory team examines and inspects every product along each step of the manufacturing process, from the intake of raw botanical to the distribution of the packaged finished product. Every step is checked, double checked, and documented for complete quality control.           


Many of the raw materials used to manufacture our products are sourced from local suppliers in the Pacific Northwest, and we painstakingly perform continual inspections from initial plant identification through finished product verification. Sourcing only the finest ethically grown and best quality plants, we preserve their integrity by using natural ingredients such as certified organic kosher non-GMO cane alcohol, certified organic & kosher vegetable glycerin, organic cold-pressed olive oil, and/or local mountain spring water.       


We own our FDA inspected and GMP-certified facility located in Creswell, Oregon, which allows for the highest level of quality control throughout the entire production process. All Wise Woman Herbals products are GMO-free, peanut-free, fish/shellfish-free, wheat-free and are also free of soy, gluten, corn, and dairy.


At every stage in the production process, our Quality Unit applies state-of-the-art testing methods to assure quality. If any batch of raw material fails to meet our standards, it is immediately returned to the supplier, removed from the production process, rejected, destroyed, or discarded. At WWH, we reject raw materials that other manufacturers would consider to be acceptable and place into production. This may at times create an "out of stock" situation on some of our products that may occasionally be inconvenient, but we adhere to our edict to not compromise on quality. 



All of these steps are vital in maintaining the purity and quality of the products we produce. Wise Woman Herbals maintains the highest level of quality in order to protect our core values of purity, integrity, and the production of superior botanical supplements.