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Wise Woman Herbals is proud to have served the needs of naturopathic physicians and herbalists since 1989.

Wholesale accounts are available to healthcare practitioners. To obtain a wholesale account, simply fill out the form below.

Once your credentials have been verified, you will be notified of your active account status and may begin placing wholesale orders. Please note, we do not allow resale of our products on Amazon or other online marketplaces. Please review our Internet Reseller AgreementIf you have a State Resale Certificate, upload it in the form below to have your account exempt from sales tax charges.

A limited number of our products are only available to customers who are Qualified Healthcare Practitioners (QHP) with permissions to purchase low dose botanicals. Please contact Customer Service for information on ordering QHP items at (541) 895-5172.

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Thank you for your continued loyalty to Wise Woman Herbals. In addition, we also have a Practitioner Directory search lets allows you to be listed on our website. If this is something that you'd be interested in, fill out this form after applying for our program.