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Educational Resources


General information as well as educational resources from past Practitioner Learning Community events are archived here for your ongoing reference. Items are conveniently separated by category.

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  • General information
  • Digestion
  • Nervous System
  • Immune & Allergy
  • Women's Health
  • Nutrition & Botanicals

  • General Information

    Digestive System

    "The New Face of Bitters": forum call with Dr. Glen Nagel, ND, January, 2019

    Nervous System

    "Botanical Support for Energy & Adrenal Health": forum call with Dr. Glen Nagel, ND, February 2019
    "Botanical Support for Stress & Anxiety": forum call with Dr. Glen Nagel, ND, March 2019

    Immune System & Allergies

    "Botanical Support for Allergies & Upper Respiratory Support": forum call with Dr. Glen Nagel, April 2019

    Women's Health

    Register Here for a 2-part webinar, "Botanical Approaches to Women's Health" with Kris Vaughan, CH, AANP in August and September.

    Nutrition & Botanicals

    "Foundational Support: Herbs, Nutrients, and Therapeutic Foods for Holistic Healing": 2-part webinar with Rachel Alm, NTP, MMH, BCHN

    Nutritional Therapy Association Introduction Video by Dr. Yasamine Farshad

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