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LIP Lysine Immune Plus

LIP Lysine Immune Plus

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Powerful Skin and Immune Support

  • Lysine Immune Plus reigns as the most potent combination of immune-boosting ingredients available today.*
  • Beyond fortifying your immune system, it targets skin health, especially in the lips and mouth.*
  • With 1800mg of lysine paired with zinc, vitamin C, and quercetin, it's a powerful and convenient, all-in-one solution for your immune and skin health needs.*
  • Enhanced with BioPerine black pepper extract for optimal absorption, it stands as the ultimate lysine supplement in tablet or capsule form.*


    Vitamin C (from naturally-sourced ascorbic acid), Zinc (from zinc citrate), L-Lysine (from L-Lysine Hydrochloride), Quercetin (from Quercetin dihydrate), BioPerine (from Black Pepper Fruit Extract), Vegetable Capsule (plant cellulose), Organic Rice Concentrate


    • Vegan
    • Clean Label-Compliant
    • Non-GMO
    • Gluten-Free
    • Easy to take capsules


    For optimal benefit, take 2 capsules, 2 times daily


    • 1800 mg lysine per serving
    • Supports skin and lip health*
    • Supports immune function*
    • Lysine is a critical amino acid involved in protein synthesis*
    • Comprehensive formula supports whole-body wellness*
    • BioPerine to maximize bioavailability and nutrient absorption.*
    • Zinc, Vitamin C and Quercetin offer additional and synergistic immune support*

    Wise Woman Herbals' mission is to provide industry leading and ethically sourced botanical supplements, while promoting environmental preservation and sustainability.

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3 Easy Ways to Take Liquid Extracts

Many herbal extracts have a pleasing flavor, but let’s be honest, some just don’t. Getting used to herbal flavors is an acquired taste that comes with time and consistency. Stay with it and soon you’ll enjoy the experience!

Dilute in Water or Juice
Boost Your Morning Smoothie
Add to Your Daily Tea