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Herbal ABC's - The Foundation of Herbal Medicine

Herbal ABC's - The Foundation of Herbal Medicine

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This herb book provides wisdom in the form of basic building blocks that Western herbal medicine is built on. You will be introduced to herbs through their actions and properties within the context of the bodies major organ systems. Each chapter has an introductory physiology review of the organ system it covers.

Author: Dr. Sharol Tilgner (Founder of Wise Woman Herbals)

Paul Bergner said, "Herbal ABC s contains the elements of four books including a traditional herbal, a clinical herbal, a scientific herbal, and a general reference for the application of herbal medicines."

This is a book for the herbalist/practitioner as well as the layperson who wants to get into the nitty-gritty of understanding all the fundamental hows and whys for the use of the most common herbs in western medicine. Due to its inclusion of up to date scientific data with over 1270 supportive research citations, even practitioners well versed in herbal medicine will find new and interesting facts about herbs that will keep them riveted until they finish the book.

  • Learn the medicinal actions of over 245 healing herbal remedies.
  • 120 herbs featured with in-depth coverage on each plant including how it tastes and smells, special tendencies of the herb, actions, properties, dosage, active herbal constituents, contraindications and mechanism of action as well as information on clinical interactions with drugs is included.
  • A resource to help practitioners integrate herbal therapy into their practice with clients or patients.
  • A resource for lay people to understand how the herbs support various body systems.
  • A training manual for Western herbal practitioners who wish to incorporate the use of herbs into a holistic, science-based practice.
  • Special formula or recipe boxes are included to give secondary actions of the herbs in each category. This assists you in choosing the best herbs for a given formula.
  • Learn to choose herbs by knowing how they support healthy functioning of each body system as well as targeting common ailments.
  • Herbs and herbal actions are organized by body/organ systems. Each chapter focuses on one organ system, with a review of that organ system from a naturopathic physicians functional medicine point of view.
  • The book focuses on the functional process underlying the health conditions, rather than a disease process.
  • Please see the "Look Inside The Book" feature above for an example of how the chapters are organized and presented. You will find this book to be a very unique offering.
  • More than 1200 scientific citations to support the traditional and clinical information.
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