New Packaging 2018

Quality Since 1989

Last year, Wise Woman Herbals celebrated 30 years of helping practitioners improve patient health / by providing the absolute highest quality botanical supplements. Since our founding in 1989 by natural medicine pioneer Dr. Sheryl Tilgner, we've strived every day to produce the best product possible for our customers, using artisanal methods and sustainable sourcing practices true to Dr. Tilgner's vision.

New Brand Label Designs

Now, as we embark on a new era in Wise Woman's history - with re-invigorated investment in the communities we serve, and in the products that we provide, we are excited to introduce updated brand and label designs that better capture the new spirit of Wise Woman Herbals.

Our heritage is a big part of what separates Wise Woman Herbals from other botanical supplement brands. Our new labels call on that heritage, especially our commitment to putting nature at the center of each of our formulations.

At the same time, our new labels point to the future of Wise Woman Herbals, with a re-focus on the practitioner-patient relationship.

A magenta colored bar now clearly identifies products reserved for practitioners to dispense to their consumers as part of a care plan, separating those products from a belimited range of botanical formulas available directly to consumers.

Our Commitment

The new branding takes Wise Woman Herbals back to its heritage, back to our love for the plant, and back to our commitment to producing the absolute best product for our consumers, for our practitioners, and for our other partners in the healthcare community. At the same time it positions Wise Woman for a new era of increased investment and participation in the communities we serve, and in improving the health of patients worldwide.