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Wild Weed Salve

Wild Weed Salve

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New Packaging! We have changed to amber glass salve jars in an effort for greater sustainability and ease of use. For a limited time you may receive on of the two packaging styles.

Promotes normal healthy and resilient skin *


Organic olive oil, beeswax, calendula, chickweed, lavender, marshmallow, plantain, St. John's wort, yarrow and vitamin E.


emollient, antipruritic, vulnerary


Apply small amount and rub gently into skin until absorbed. Do not apply to broken or abraded skin.


  • Promotes healthy skin
  • Soothing herbal comfort for itchy skin
  • Supports skin recovery during times of rashes or bug bites


For external use only

Wild Weed Salve Information

Dry, itchy and irritated skin can be a nuisance and even interfere with a happy healthy quality of life. Each day we come in direct contact with many things in our home and outdoors that can compromise the health and vitality of our skin. Wise Woman Herbals® Wild Weed Salve is a soothing botanical topical ointment designed to promote healthy resilient skin that feels and looks good.

At Wise Woman Herbals, our formulary experts strive to ensure each of our over 300 botanical supplements are nutritionally sound, inherently safe and GMO-free. Our premium ingredients are naturally sourced, with as many as 70% coming from farms in the Pacific Northwest. Our strict quality control standards meet, and quickly exceed, those recommended by industry professionals. At Wise Woman Herbals, our mission is to provide industry leading botanical supplements while sustaining and preserving our environment. Let's talk a little more about our Wild Weed Salve.

  • Achillea mil. (yarrow) may: Promote normal healthy cell renewal and promotes normal healthy skin
  • Althaea officinalis (marshmallow) may: provide soothing emollient properties that support normal skin softness, promotes less skin irritation
  • Calendula off. (calendula) may: Promote a normal healthy inflammatory response in skin, and support healthy wound healing
  • Hypericum per. (St. John's wort) may: Promote skin health and support wound healing
  • Stellaria med. (chickweed) may: Promote skin health, support wound healing and soothe irritated and itchy skin
  • Lavendula ang. (English lavender) may: Support a normal healthy inflammatory response in the skin, promotes normal skin with less irritation
  • Plantago spp. (plantain) may: Support wound healing, improve skin healing and promote natural inflammatory response in skin
  • Olive Oil may: Support younger looking skin, promotes normal healthy moisture content of skin and promote healthy skin exfoliation
  • Beeswax may: Promote skin health, support normal inflammatory response, reduce the appearance of stretch marks and support healthy skin moisture
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3 Easy Ways to Dose Liquid Extracts

Many herbal extracts have a pleasing flavor, but let’s be honest, some just don’t. Getting used to herbal flavors is an acquired taste that comes with time and consistency. Stay with it and soon you’ll find you enjoy them. You’ll also find the quick benefits you get are worth the momentary flavor of an herbal extract. We recommend these four simple ways to make taking your liquid herbal extracts easier.

Dilute in Water or Juice
Boost Your Morning Smoothie
Add to Your Daily Tea