What you Need to Know About Kalmerite vs Liquid Serenity

Breathe in, breathe out…do you feel any tension? Perhaps you are facing a big life change or the adjustments of back to school and new routines may be causing stress. If you have been noticing unpleasant feelings from stress or anxiety, you are not alone. Sometimes life serves up temporary challenges that have us feeling scattered. But have no fear, for serenity now is here! Thankfully, there are several ways we can help calm the body and focus the mind.

Mindfulness strategies can help us de-stress when we’re feeling down, out of sorts or unfocused. Top three to try include:

  1. Deep Breathing: techniques like alternate-nostril breathing, belly breathing or box breathing can help you return to a stable state. 
  2. Mindful Meditation: find your center with a focus on your breath, a sound (“om”), a word (“peace”), or a phrase (“breathing in, I calm my body, breathing out, I smile”).
  3. Mindful Movement: check in with your body, release stagnant energy and develop a positive mindset.

For times when we need a little more support, our herbal remedies have our back. In addition to a mindfulness practice, herbal tinctures can help us tap into our inner calm, and refocus our energies. 

Kalmerite Glycerite is a delicious option offering a sweet combination of relaxing nervines with subtle sedative properties. This blend is helpful to stop the constant flow of anxious thoughts and promote restful sleep. Gently working together to:

  • Uplift and stabilize mood
  • Increase focus and attention span
  • Reduce tension
  • Support normal sleep patterns

This blend encourages a positive perspective while easing nervousness and digestive upset. Relieving tension by calming the racing mind and allowing for better sleep. The herbs in Kalmerite Glycerite are relaxing and help restore a healthy circadian rhythm. 

While these comforting herbs can help people of all ages think more clearly, increase mental alertness and promote a positive attitude. This sweet tasting tincture is especially popular with children as it is one of our alcohol free glycerites. 

Woman with freckles smiling sitting on the floor with knees to the chest and her head resting on her knees

Liquid Serenity is similar with it’s sweet relaxing nervines, helping to calm the mind and sharpen our focus. However, this blend may be more helpful for those feeling down, fatigued or with more mental lethargy during times of heightened stress or anxiety. With consistent use, these herbs will promote:

  • Emotional balance
  • Enhanced cognitive function
  • Improved sleep
  • Feelings of overall well-being

This blend works to soothe the easily startled, and reduce nervous exhaustion, restlessness or feelings of irritability. Liquid Serenity softens the edge as it calms nerves, relieves insomnia and boosts mood while also dispelling lethargy. Restoring mental clarity and promoting a positive healthy mindset is this blend’s sweet spot.

Bring on the deeper breathing! These herbs generously share their anxiolytic, adaptogenic and antispasmodic properties. Targeting support for healthy adrenal, nervous system, immune system and digestive system functions.  

Regardless of how stress and anxiety start, we can support our body’s recovery with nature. Specifically formulated herbal remedies can bring us back to our baseline quicker. Wise Woman Herbals is proud to provide honest botanical products to help you and your family through whatever crosses your life’s path. 

Both blends support calming the body, focusing the mind and feelings of well-being. See which one feels best for you. Try Kalmerite Glycerite or Liquid Serenity to relax your symptoms and receive an encouraging nudge to shift perspective and enjoy the day. 

As always, keep your trusted healthcare provider informed of any supplements you take and ask if there might be any interactions with your current prescriptions. If you have any questions about these calming herbal remedies, please feel free to reach out to us.

This blog was written by Meg Ramirez, please click here to learn more about the author.