Top 5 Women's Health Supplements for Women's Health Month

Top 5 Women's Health Supplements for Women's Health Month

May is nationally recognized as Women’s Health Month and what better way to celebrate women than to empower them to invest in their health and wellness!

If you haven’t done something for yourself lately, now is the perfect time to prioritize your health by getting outside and exercising, practicing self care, eating nourishing foods and supporting your body’s functioning with the proper nutrients and supplements. 

Celebrating Women’s Health Month

Women truly are Mother Nature’s gift. We have the ability to bring new life into this world. We are caregivers, nurturers, entrepreneurs, business leaders, role models and so much more. 

Our health and wellbeing should be a top priority, but unfortunately, women oftentimes feel guilty or are perceived as selfish for taking time to focus on themselves.

About 10 percent of women (6.1 million) in the U.S. ages 15-44 have difficulty getting pregnant or staying pregnant, nearly 12 million women struggle with clinical depression and around 15% of women suffer from severe postpartum depression.

Instead of stigmatizing these issues, let’s celebrate (and normalize) the fact that it’s okay for women to open up about their health and take back control of their lives. Taking advantage of proper supplementation can support the female body through all of its incredible phases of life — from puberty and menstruation to childbirth and motherhood to menopause.

Best Supplements for Women’s Health

At Wise Woman Herbals, we take a holistic approach to health, relying on the ancient herbal wisdom of botanical supplements to improve your quality of life. Here are our five favorite herbal supplements to support women’s health.

Women's Cycle Comfort 

Women’s Cycle Comfort is a beautiful liquid herbal blend of black cohosh, chaste tree, skullcap, kava, wild yam, and ginkgo that provides support for female menstrual cycles in puberty, child-bearing years, and the transition to menopause.

Herbs like black cohosh, wild yam, and chaste tree have been used for generations to support normal menstruation and healthy hormone balance in women. Skullcap has been used for more than 200 years as a mild relaxant and can help promote reduced feelings of anxiety and depression as well as insomnia especially as it’s related to premenstrual syndrome or PMS.

Women's Crampbark Compound

Women’s Crampbark Compound is another liquid herbal extract that can promote normal healthy menstrual cycles. Herbs like dong quai, Jamaican dogwood, valerian, blue cohosh, and cramp bark combine to help provide comfort for mild menstrual cramping and can be an excellent women’s health supplement to take at the start of menses. 

Native to Europe, cramp bark is a traditional herbal plant used to relieve cramps, including muscle spasms, menstrual cramp, cramps during pregnancy and postpartum relief. It does this by relaxing the uterine tissues, effectively acting as an antispasmodic. 

Female Tonic 

Female Tonic is another liquid botanical extract suitable for all ages that includes herbs like chaste tree, burdock, dong quai, calendula, red root, and cleavers.

The combination of these herbs helps to promote normal healthy female glandular system and liver function. Other benefits include supporting healthy hormone levels, and promoting normal healthy cellular growth and function.

Mother's Lactaflow 

Mother’s Lactaflow was crafted with nursing mother’s in mind. This liquid blend of blessed thistle, fennel, fenugreek, and goat's rue helps promote normal healthy lactation and supports production of normal healthy milk flow for nursing mothers who need an extra boost. 

This blend is based on a time-honored formula that has been handed down through the years and features two ancient galactagogues, blessed or holy thistle and fenugreek, which are two substances suggested to increase milk supply.

Women's MenoCaps 

Women’s MenoCaps are created with wisdom and love for women in later life stages entering Menopause. These 100% vegetarian capsules include herbs like dong quai, burdock, chaste tree, black cohosh, motherwort, and licorice. This unique herbal blend helps promote normal healthy female glandular system function during menopause and supports the body during a time of hormonal change. 

Together, dong quai, burdock and motherwort can help support a balanced mood, restful sleep, comfort and relief from hot flashes, and overall emotional wellbeing. If you prefer a liquid herbal extract, you can try our same herbal blend in our Menomorphosis compound.

Shop the Women’s Health Sale

As a small way to show our support for women everywhere, all month long you can shop our favorite women’s health supplements and get 15% off while supplies last. 

Cheers to all of the women out there doing their best and showing up every single day. You deserve to invest in your health and one easy place to start is by making sure you are getting the proper nutrients through your food and supplementation, no matter what stage of life you are in.



Nicole Cieslak is a functional nutritional therapy practitioner and certified personal trainer at Fit Foodist Nutrition specializing in gut health and hormone balance. Every day she strives to help people overcome chronic digestive and hormonal issues by getting to the root cause of their health imbalances. Through personalized diet, lifestyle and nutritional supplement recommendations, she empowers her clients to find freedom from suffering so they can reclaim their happiness and health. Learn more about her at and follow her on Instagram at @fitfoodist_foundations for free nutrition, fitness and nontoxic living advice.

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