Top 3 Botanical Extract Benefits

Botanical medicine is one of the oldest and most popular therapies worldwide for promoting overall wellness. Well before the age of modern medicine, our ancestors relied on the sacred gifts provided by Mother Nature — herbs — to heal. In fact, the archeological evidence of plant medicine dates back nearly 60,000 years to the Paleolitic age.

In this article we’re going to explore what exactly botanical extracts are, the top botanical extract benefits, and why we rely on these powerful botanical supplements at Wise Woman Herbals. 

What are botanical extracts? 

A botanical is a plant or plant part that is sought after for its medicinal or therapeutic properties, flavor or scent. There are many different ways to prepare a botanical, including teas, infusions, tinctures, and extracts. A botanical extract is the result of soaking an herb, or botanical, in a liquid like alcohol, glycerin or water to extract the desired ingredient.

One of the reasons botanical extracts are so effective is because of their purity and potency. You isolate a single compound within the herb, also known as a phytochemical, which provides a much higher concentration.

Herbs in solution and a wooden scoop with herbs in it

You can find hundreds of botanical and herbal products on the market today that are used to promote health and longevity for those suffering from acute and chronic illnesses. You might be surprised to know that many of today’s pharmaceutical drugs are derived from plant sources. For instance, aspirin is derived from willow bark and morphine is derived from the opium poppy.

What are the top botanical extract benefits?

At Wise Woman Herbals, we’re on a mission to provide a gentle and natural way to improve your quality of life through quality botanical supplements.


One of the biggest botanical extract benefits is the fact that the phytochemicals are potent and highly absorbable. This is primarily because they bypass our digestive process and are absorbed directly into the bloodstream. The effects tend to be more immediate as a result.
Plants have always had powerful healing properties, which is why a diet that’s rich in a variety of colorful vegetables, fruits and fresh cut herbs has benefited many people suffering from chronic illness. But sometimes it can be difficult to absorb all of the nutrients and beneficial compounds like antioxidants from food-based sources especially if our digestion system is compromised or we have underlying chronic infections.
This is where botanical extracts come in. They can provide an added layer of healing properties that complement a well balanced diet and lifestyle.  


Another great botanical extract benefit is the fact that these liquid tinctures are so versatile. They can be taken directly from the bottle using a dropper, added to foods or beverages, and combined with other botanical extracts to create healing elixirs, syrups, teas, salves, essential oils, and more.
If you’re someone who has trouble swallowing capsules or tablets, a botanical extract is a great option because it’s liquid-based and easy to consume. And there are plenty of options to suit your needs when it comes to the tincture base, such as alcohol, glycerin, water or even vinegar.

For example, if you are suffering from digestive upset like bloating, gas, indigestion, and so on, but an alcohol-based solution irritates your mouth, the Wise Woman Herbals' Tummy Glycerite  is a great option. It combines three botanical extracts (fennel, lemon balm and chamomile) in a sweet glycerin and spring water base to help promote digestive relief and an overall sense of calm.

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Targeted Healing 

Lastly, the ability to isolate certain bioactive compounds and combine certain herbs offers a highly customizable and targeted approach to your health. For a lot of people with chronic illness, less is more when it comes to dietary supplements. Too many ingredients can overwhelm the system and some of the ingredients may not even be necessary for you.
Botanical extracts provide targeted healing properties for specific health concerns with the ability to combine various products for optimal healing. For example, if your goal is to better support your adrenals while also promoting healthy liver function you might focus on two single plant extracts like ashwagandha and milk thistle.

The Wise Woman Herbals Promise

Manufactured on site at our FDA-inspected facility in Creswell Oregon, we process over 325 whole-herb supplements with the highest quality ingredients that are certified organic, kosher and non-GMO. Our proprietary blends and traditional handmade processing techniques have been handed down through generations.

It’s always been incredibly important to us that we preserve the integrity of the plant constituents, which we believe are required to provide a completely beneficial botanical product as nature intended. Read more about the Wise Woman Herbals story here. 



Nicole Cieslak is a functional nutritional therapy practitioner and certified personal trainer at Fit Foodist Nutrition specializing in gut health and hormone balance. Every day she strives to help people overcome chronic digestive and hormonal issues by getting to the root cause of their health imbalances. Through personalized diet, lifestyle and nutritional supplement recommendations, she empowers her clients to find freedom from suffering so they can reclaim their happiness and health. Learn more about her at and follow her on Instagram at @fitfoodist_foundations for free nutrition, fitness and nontoxic living advice.