Spring Into The Equinox With Herbal Ritual And Renewal

Spring Into The Equinox With Herbal Ritual And Renewal

The Spring equinox is here, some say officially occurring on the 19th, 20th or 21st, but all agree it's the beginning of a new natural cycle and astrological year. Old energy is clearing and new energy is entering. It’s a great time to take care of yourself and dive into determining what seeds you crave to plant for your continued growth.


Honor this season of rebirth. A moment in time to invite balance, renewal and growth. Knowing that shedding is part of each season. When life feels like you are being uprooted and shaken around, embrace that change, become curious about the messages surfacing through emotions and trust that everything is happening for you.


Create more time in your routine for self care:


  • Take a bath, boost its luxury with epsom salts and/or herbs of choice.
  • Light some candles, play your favorite music and just relax for a while.
  • Plant something, connect with nature, sow seeds (outside or start a windowsill herb garden), tend to the soil, water with love and patiently await the sprout which reminds us that we too can grow and evolve!
  • Meditate in nature - breathwork activates the vagus nerve and is the fastest way to tap into your parasympathetic nervous system to help activate a sense of calm relaxation.
  • Have an intention-setting ceremony, write out your wishes and store them in a vessel or on a vision board.
  • Purge what no longer serves you, release negative thoughts and emotions that are stagnant, writing them out and burning them with reverence can help.
  • Spring clean your home, giving extra attention to clean doors and entrances, also use sage or palo santo to smudge your interior home, elevating its energy and frequency.
  • Create something, tap into your creativity by writing, painting, knitting, formulating or crafting.


Speaking of creating and crafting… sometimes by inviting a physical and tangible representation of the shifting seasons through ritual and play, we feel more grounded through the changes. Think of what you would like to energetically call into your life, like more harmony, happiness, motivation and abundance. Pair your intentions with kindred plant allies like calendula, geranium, hibiscus, lavender, rosemary and/or rose hips.


“Herbal Ice Chalk”


The essentials needed:


  • Ice tray or silicone molds (any size)
  • Chalk pieces (colors preferred)
  • Clean Water
  • Herbs (fresh or dried)


Feel free to modify ingredients based on whatever resonates with you and feels representative of this shift in seasons.


  • Soil or sand
  • Bark or roots
  • Wildflowers
  • Crystals
  • Feathers
  • Eggshells
  • Pieces of paper filled with words of affirmation, intention, prayer etc.


The how-to’s:


  • Set intentions for your new growth as you assemble and admire your selections
  • Freeze the chalk and herb filled waters until hardened or overnight depending on the size of your container
  • Play!


The craft activity brings a physical welcoming of melting the winter ice under tomorrow’s spring sun. The slow pace of the melting allows time for reflection. Reflect on what lessons were learned in this past season. Symbolically chip away the old habits you’d like to leave in the past. Notice the color transformation as the chalk and herbs have infused the water/ice and begin to melt through your fingers and onto your pavement. Once the chalk is revealed, draw pictures or words that inspire and ignite you as you continue to recite your intentions for this new season of inward and outward growth.


Embrace this new beginning called Spring! Be curious about the person you are becoming. Continue to show love to yourself and those around you. And always remember, the Universe doesn’t want you to try harder, it wants you to trust it more. Trust that you are enough, you are where you are meant to be and find comfort that you will find more reasons to trust the more you decide to trust.


Mother Earth is always there for you, through every change. Ground yourself to the earth and feel her pulsating beneath the souls of your feet. Allow the wind to carry your thoughts away. Sigh it out. Notice the sunbeam catching your face as you feel goosebumps waking up your skin as your body reacts to the warming sun. Once again, she holds you and reminds you to be present. Honor her lesson and surrender.


This blog was written by Meg Ramirez, please click here to learn more about the author.







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