NEW! A Wisdom Kit For Each Stage Of Life!

Who doesn’t love a good reveal? We are excited to be launching support for every stage of life in our line of Wisdom Kits! Here at Wise Woman Herbals we believe that a key part of living wisely includes connecting with nature. By tapping into Mother Nature’s wisdom, we’re able to enhance our emotional, mental and physical well-being. The Wisdom Kits have been thoughtfully designed to give foundational support in three areas of life: Beauty, Energy and Vitality. Let’s dive into how these subscription kits offer tailored support for a wise life.

We want you to feel that light-shining-through vibe everyday, in each stage of life. A good night’s rest and a good mood are essentials for having a good day. Rest is best for recharging energy levels and repairing damage done to the body during the day. That’s why each Wisdom Kit will include, Sweet Dreams, a restful sleep formula to carry you into a recovery dream state. Another blend, to lovingly hold a place in each kit, is Good Mood, working to uplift your spirits and promote a positive mindset. Along with these two pillar products, each kit will include natural support for a particular stage of a woman’s life.

Naturally elevate your self care routine. Evaluate which kit calls to you in your current stage of life, with the Wise Beauty Kit, Wise Energy Kit or Wise Vitality Kit. Stabilize your positive mindset and relax while feeling more connected to the wisdom and power of Mother Nature.

Without further ado, now presenting our brand new Wisdom Kits!

Wise Beauty Kit with bottles balanced on rocks

Wise Beauty Kit - Beautiful Skin. Beautiful Smile. Beautiful Sleep.

Start on the inside for a prettier perspective and appearance. Beauty, inside and out, comes in all colors, shapes and sizes. The common thread is that beauty originates from deep within the soul and cells of our body. The herbal extracts in the Wise Beauty kit provide ongoing support for clearer skin, brighter mood and more restful sleep.

  • Skin Deep - Support your natural organic detoxification and cellular renewal processes. Help your outer skin to regrow clearer and glow brighter.
  • Good Mood - Good vibes only! Good Mood balances mood swings and calms the worried mind while encouraging a cheerful feeling.
  • Sweet Dreams - A botanical blend for your best beauty sleep. Supportive in both falling asleep and staying asleep. Rise with the sun feeling refreshed and renewed.

Wise Energy Kits with bottles from the kit balanced on rocks

Wise Energy Kit - Renew. Revive. Restore.

Ignite your Inner Fire! Demands day after day can quickly drain our energy reserves. We all need healthy energy to keep our bodies moving and accomplishing our daily goals. Turn to nature for that special spark of energy, skip the artificial boosters. Living a wise energetic life means your energy is fueled from within, the Wise Energy kit adds the zest you need to pick yourself back up.

  • Inner Fire - Inner Fire strengthens focus and increases energy naturally. Can be used to turn up the fun, make you feel more attentive and stable. Additionally, it promotes endurance and stamina during times of physical exertion.
  • Good Mood - Energize your positive mindset and support the nervous system along with your body’s ability to adapt to stress.
  • Sweet Dreams - Supports your body’s natural restorative sleep cycle by calming the mind and body. Nothing (not even caffeine) works better than sleep to recharge energy levels. Set your sleep routine up for success.

Wise Vitality Kit - with bottles from the kit balanced on rocks.

Wise Vitality Kit - Calm. Cool. Collected.

A woman’s transition through menopause is her birthright. A time of transition into a stage of freedom, vitality and wisdom earned from a life well lived. It’s a new stage of opportunity and strength. The Wise Vitality kit is for women ready to embrace their earned wisdom, deep beauty and understanding of self.

  • Meno Morphosis - Our fast-acting cooling formula for hot flashes. Supports healthy hormone balance during the natural transition of menopause.
  • Good Mood - Brings calming harmony to the mood swings so you can feel more inspired to live a wise peaceful life.
  • Sweet Dreams - Supports restful sleep throughout the night. Awaken feeling more revitalized and ready to take on the new dawn.

How do you consume your herbal extracts? There are many ways to take tinctures, even directly on the tongue, though it’s not always the most enjoyable. Other options include diluting them in water to soften their earthy flavors. Enjoy your herbal nutritional boost in a morning smoothie. Or peacefully stir a dose into your daily tea. Whichever you choose, try taking your herbal liquid outside with you. Sip while reconnecting with the nature available around you.

These healthy lifestyle practices are energy balancing. Along with your herbal doses, these strategies can maximize your feel good potential:

  • Earthing: Also known as grounding, refers to walking barefoot on the Earth’s surface. To be optimally effective, our body, a wise system, requires recharging. Research finds that electrically conductive contact of the human body with the Earth, has many beneficial and intriguing effects on our physiology and health.
  • Forest Bathing: Take in a forest atmosphere through your senses, completely immerse yourself with the taste, touch, sights, sounds, and smells of the forest. Consciously connect with nature around you. Even a small amount of time can have an impact on our health.
  • Meditation: There are many styles of meditation. When it comes to finding calm relaxation, there is no one-size-fits-all approach. Change it up and try new things, a walking meditation or loving-kindness practice. Be in the natural landscape that brings you peace and focus on the breath.
  • Yoga: Moving your body nurtures your body and helps it feel and perform better in all areas of life. Yoga is an exercise that honors both strength and flexibility, each needing the other for balanced moving and grooving.

A healthy outside starts from the inside. In each stage of life, we are showing ourselves to the outside world through our beauty, energy and vitality. Choose which Wisdom Kit will help you live wiser, and start receiving the courage and wisdom from Mother Nature’s botanicals. You may find your doses change over time as you reap the benefits of Wise Beauty for radiance, Wise Energy for stamina, or Wise Vitality for hormonal balance. At first, some may find they need a dose of Sweet Dreams after waking in the night, but with consistency, the need for a midnight dose will drift away.

Join us as we further explore Wisdom Kits, in future blog posts. As always, keep your trusted healthcare provider(s) in the loop to verify safety between herbal and pharmaceutical products. Feel free to reach out with any questions.

This blog was written by Meg Ramirez, please click here to learn more about the author.