Protecting Our Environment

Protecting Our Environment

Stewards Of Our Planet ~WWH Mantra Is Reduce, Reuse & Recycle

Wise Woman Herbals® is committed to conducting business responsibly by always remaining conscious of our impact on the environment and natural resources. We are conscientious about our responsibility as stewards of this planet and work by the mantra ‘reduce, reuse and recycle’. Our comprehensive recycling program is evidenced by our use of recycled paper and soybased inks with our printed material, biodegradable starch packing peanuts and recycled shipping materials, recycling used packaging materials and other waste, and composting processed plant material left over from production. Through these efforts we discard next to no trash at the end of the day!

Utilizing Renewable Energy Results In Small Carbon Footprint

Our herbal manufacturing facility minimizes our carbon footprint through internal environment control, Energy Wise lighting throughout the building that is motion sensor controlled in our warehouse, and participating in our local electric company’s Green Power Network by purchasing electricity from renewable energy sources such as wind, solar, geothermal, hydropower, and biomass. All of our appliances are E-Star rated and our computers are Gold Star rated for maximum energy conservation.

Local Buying Supports Small Business & Minimizes Fossil Fuel Use

Our products are made on-site which ensures total control of quality and our supply chain. Supporting local businesses and sourcing locally is consistent with our sustainability efforts. More than 70% of our raw plant material is grown locally and throughout the Pacific Northwest on organic and biodynamic farms. This reduces long transit times and the unnecessary use of carbon-based fossil fuel. Our manufacturing efficiencies and commitment to dynamically based continuous improvement further reduces waste in every step of the production process.

Conscientious Waste Reduction Protects Our Environment

As members of the Oregon Climate Declaration we support taking action on climate change and energy policies at the state and federal level. Wise Woman Herbals’ staff of herbalists and herbal enthusiasts play an active role in formulating innovative procedures to reduce waste in our production stream and to eliminate or reuse most items that would normally be discarded and eventually end up in a landfill. We hope that by setting an example for other businesses everyone will work toward sustainability to assure a healthy world for future generations.

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