Lovelight Herb Farm and Wise Woman Herbals

Building Community at Lovelight Herb Farm

Sunday morning was sleepy and heavy with misty fog outside.  We all  pulled on our best work shoes, brewed up some tea, and made our way to Lovelight Herb Farm in Veneta, Oregon.  As we arrived, the sun was burning off the fog to expose bright blue skies.  The plants were happy to see us! 

Eight Wise Woman Herbals® employees gathered on a Sunday morning to work the earth, listen to the birds, and laugh with each other.  Nicki, the owner of Lovelight Herb Farm, gave us the run down; weed this bed, plant these plants here, and shovel dirt over there.  Off we went! 

One sat in the calendula, meticulously weeding to make more room for calendula.  Another knelt in the yarrow and another in the strawberries.  Over yonder, a few moved soil from the truck bed to build a different kind of bed where skullcap, marshmallow, and Eupatorium would rest. 

As the sun moved over the sky, somehow we all knew it was time to rest & eat.  We gathered together to fuel our bodies and share in our mornings’ encounters.  Between short stories, we would just quietly absorb the beauty of the farm around us.  After a bit we headed back out to the plants to get our hands dirty again. 

This experience was so joyful and fulfilling!  We all came out of our comfort zone to build community and saw each other in a new light.  “We are all so happy doing yard work!”  The day was described as invigorating, inspiring, and rejuvenating.  For me personally, to have my hands stained with soil, straw in my hair, and sharing the day with my Wise Woman Herbals teammates was healing and satisfying. 

Many, many thanks to Lovelight Herb Farm for having us!

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